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Larry Cundiff Regional Manager


We are entering into a very important part of the year that will set the tone for our future.
Selection of Officers and elections this year are more important than they have ever been. It is
imperative that we elect strong leaders to guide our Lodges and Chapter into this new era.
The excitement continues to build with the WOTM Members getting involved with several
Districts. Several Lodges and Chapters are working toward implementing Joint House
Committees. This is our new direction and it is exciting. We are all part of making history into
the future of the Moose Fraternity. Florida continues to lead the way and we will be successful
in our endeavors.
We received the first figures on the “One Moose” online poll. At this time 87% of the WOTM
Members and 80% of the LOOM Members have voted for the One Moose Concept.
We need to keep focused on what we do and remember why we do it. We need to make sure
we make every Lodge and Chapter the best they can be. We need to do only things that
support Mooseheart, Moosehaven and our Communities. If we do that our Fraternity will grow.
Thanks for all you do in support of the Lodges, Chapters, Moose Legions, Council of Higher
Degrees and our Fraternity. Never lose sight that our efforts are for the Support of Mooseheart
and Moosehaven. God bless Mooseheart, Moosehaven, the Moose Fraternity and most of all

Larry R. Cundiff

Territory Manager/FMA Liaison

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From the President January 1, 2020

FBMA President

To my Brothers and Co-Workers, Happy New Year to one and all.

2020, a new decade begins and with it comes changes and challenges. Let’s face these issues with positive thoughts and the idea that we can overcome any obstacles by working together as one Association.

New Year is a time when many of us make resolutions for any number of different reasons. I am asking our members to make two resolutions. Number one is working to make our Lodges and Chapters more successful. There are many ways we can do this and among them are membership and retention, having activities for our members, keeping the Lodge clean and neat and getting more involved with Community Service, which brings our Lodges positive recognition.

Many of our members have their favorite local charities and do Community Service work, There may be an opportunity one day when we can offer this member a helping hand in some way or another that will  not only show we care and work together as one unit but it also goes a long way toward goodwill.     

The second resolution is to attend your Lodges or Chapters meeting, it can only make you a more informed member. Too many times misinformation is put out there by someone who has not attended a meeting.

The Association will be holding its Full Board meeting at the end of this month and you will be hearing more about the issues discussed in February’s message.

Charlie Geary
President, FMA

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