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TIPS Training Program

TIPS Training Program Coordinator
Lee Singleton
Telephone: 561-707-1645
Moose International has mandated that all persons serving alcohol beverages in any Moose Lodge be trained and certified in any approved responsible beverage service program.
This applies to all persons serving alcohol beverages; that is, bartenders, waitresses/waiters, or any other category of persons delivering beverages to patrons. This includes volunteer bartenders,
as well as persons working for companies that have leased out a kitchen in a Moose Lodge.

The Association has seventeen Certified TIPS Trainers located in various part of the state so there should be no difficulty for any Lodge to arrange for beverage server training.
A list of the trainers, shown by district, appears on this site (Click on the green button above). Additionally, most major beverage distributors have a TIPS Trainer on-staff, so “in a pinch”,
they may be contacted.
The in-cIass training method is preferred as our trainers cover not only server training, but material that Social Quarters Managers must know to comply with the Florida Responsible
Vendor Act, as well as material specific to the Loyal Order of Moose. However, in cases where it is impossible for a server to attend an in-class training session, there is an on-line version
of the TIPS program at By arrangement with Moose International, Health Communications Inc (HCI) offers a discount to Moose servers,
if the promotional code “Moose 10” is typed on the “Review Registration” page. The regular on-line registration is $40.00, but with the discount it is only $24.00. Here are the
instructions for registering for on-line certification.:
  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Buy eTIPS” at the bottom of the page.
  3. Complete the registration form and click on “Register”. You will receive a short state regulatory message before coming to the payment form.
  4. On the payment form, be sure to type Moose10 in the promotional code field.
  5. Complete the payment information (credit cards only), and take the etips course.
Social Quarters Managers are reminded that if a new server is hired, he/she must be trained and certified within 30 days. He/she may work under the supervision of a certified server during that 30 day period.
Lodges may contact a trainer directly, and are encouraged to call a trainer within the Lodge's district wherever possible. In cases where a district has no trainer, call a trainer in a near-by district or call me for assistance.
Anyone one having a question about the TIPS program, should contact me.