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Our fraternal organization provides valuable service to our communities, care for children and teens in need at Mooseheart Child City & School , a 1,000-acre campus, located 40 miles west of Chicago and care for our senior members at Moosehaven, a 70-acre retirement community near Jacksonville, Florida. With a combined membership of over one million members in the Loyal Order of Moose and Women of the Moose, our presence is felt in over 1,500 communities across all 50 states and four Canadian provinces, plus Great Britain. The Moose organization contributes between $75 to $100 million worth of community service (counting monetary donations, volunteer hours worked and miles driven) annually. Moose Charities Inc., is a registered nonprofit,  charity, charged with the primary goal of providing the necessary resources for the continued support and maintenance of the Mooseheart Child City & School and the Moosehaven retirement community.

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      October 2021 

The honor the members of the FMA have elected me to as President of our association is, a side from family, the best moment in my life. Thank you for this honor and privilege of representing you as your Florida Moose Association President for 2021-2022.

We are in full swing of “The Moose” as we have moved from becoming one Moose and now will be “Stronger Together”. Many of our sisters have taken on more rolls in the FMA as this year began. They have moved into district president’s positions, FMA chairpersons and we have our first appointed officer as asst. Outer Guard, Julie Anderson. Our Big Green Machine just keeps getting stronger as we are all working together for a good year for our great fraternity, The Moose. I am so Proud.

      I want to take this time to thank all you that have stepped up to the plate over many years as a team to keep the FMA growing. As we had some changes this year following Moose International lead. I want to thank Tony Albaugh for his years of service as sports chairperson, as Scott Duncan will be trying to fill Tony’s big shoes with new ideas. Tony has done a great job and look forward to seeing his next endeavor as one of our honored pilgrims. Rhonda Shockley has stepped into Scott Duncan’s role as membership chairperson and will bring a different perspective to this challenging position. I also thank Dan Pratt, a very dedicated FMA team member who has served several roles on the FMA team, (and it is a long list) has stepped aside as Selina Moore is now our Moose Charities Chairperson. Please thank all that have served our great association and ultimately ‘The Moose”. And please support our new team members as they will work hard to be successful. And we also want to thank all FMA Chairpersons and appointed officers for their continued dedication.

      Our Children at “Mooseheart” and our Seniors at “Moosehaven” are depending on us to be champions as always. This is where all our hearts are, if we keep that in mind and remember this is why we do what we do. Look at this way, we are helping the Lord do his miracles. Thank you everyone for their dedication to our great fraternity “The Moose”.

In closing I will say we have a big year ahead of us, and will come out shining. As the holidays come upon us Terri and I wish all our members a happy Holiday Season! God bless and I look forward to seeing you at the lodge.

Chuck Plourde, FMA President.    

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Regional Manager November, 2021

I  hope  everyone  returned  home from  the  FMA  convention happy and  healthy. It  was  great  to see  everyone  together  again. Looking  out each  day  I  saw  very  few  empty seats.  We  did  our  best to  shake things  up  a  little  and  make  it  more interesting  and  we  will  continue  to make  changes  each  time  to get  you up  and  moving  and  having  more fun.  It  has  been  said,    “Your  brain can  only  absorb  what  your  backside  can  endure.”  I  hope  you enjoyed  the  meals  and  the  presentations.  We  did  our  best to change  things  for  the  better  there  as  well,  but  there  is  always room  for  improvement  and  please  let  me  know  if  you  have any  suggestions.

Congratulations  to the  Premier  Lodge  Award  winners  and those  that  received  their  Lodge  Leadership  awards. Great Job everyone!

Our  lodges  continue  to  improve  in  the  area  of  retention. Again  please  make  sure  you  are  letting  the  ladies  know  of their  new  obligation to  pay  their  lodge  dues  as  well  as  Chapter  dues.  I  remind  you  again:  we  do  not want them  trying  to renew  years  from  now  when  there  Chapter  dues  expire,  only to find  they  have  long  since  been  expired  members  of  The Moose,  losing  all  their  years  of  service.

I’m  sure  everyone  is  planning  or  has  planned  their  holiday  parties.  Let’s make  sure  that  our  lodges  are  the  place  in  your  community  for  fun  events every  day  of  every  month.  It’s  always great for  your  members to know  what day    you  are  having  that event  they  want to  be  at. It  might  be  every  Tuesday  is  pool  or karaoke.  Every  Friday  they  can  enjoy  a  dinner  and  dancing. But  the  upcoming  holidays  give  you  the  opportunity  to shake things  up  a  little  and  do  something  special.  Don’t  fall  into the trap  of  the  same  old  thing  every  month.  Give  your  members the  events they  like  as  well  as  new  and  exciting  monthly events. If  your  members  are  not in  the  Social  Quarters  asking each  other  if  they  are  coming  to  an  upcoming  even,  they  may not be  that  excited  about your  lodge  and  its  functions.

Thank  you  again  for  working  hard  to make  your  lodge  better each  day

Roy Rawlings, FMA Liaison

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