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From the Territory Manager/FBMA Liaison
Jerry Monk Regional Manager

“Moose – Build Our Foundation.” We are starting the second quarter of the Moose Year and we are also getting ready to start the new FBMA Year. I want to congratulate and encourage the new Association Officers, District Presidents and District Officers that will be starting in their endeavors at the close of the Annual Convention. I hope that your year is a big success.

Speaking of the convention, I surely trust that all have their reservations and pan on attending. We are doing something new this year with a Statewide Pilgrim Presentation of Friday night. We have done these before but never on a Friday of the Convention. Our Keynote Speaker for this event and the LOOM Official Visitor is our Director General Scott Hart. I am sure you will want to attend this event to hear Scott’s address.

The WOTM Official Visitor is Grand Chancellor Barb McPherson. I am sure all the ladies will want to hear her speak and I know she will have a great message for all and will share a great deal of knowledge. Be sure to make both Scott and Barb welcome at our convention.

Make sure to bring your donations for the Moosehaven Centennial Project to the convention. We are also collecting checks for candy for the Annual Halloween Parade at Moosehaven. Make these checks payable to Moosehaven and earmark for candy.

We had a successful last year in membership having a gain in the Association and I see no reason we cannot repeat that again this year. We need to make sure every unit has a local membership campaign and not just depend on the programs of Moose International and the Association. The more promotion the better so let’s just do it.

Remember that you can make a difference in the life of someone else, what a better way than to support Mooseheart and Moosehaven. Thank you for all you do for our children, seniors, your Lodge, Chapter and Moose Legion and your fraternity.

See you in Orlando.


From the President
FBMA President

We came back from our Mid-Year with a bunch of reports and information to put to work.

I was so impressed with the number of new attendees that stood up (the future of the Fraternity looks pretty good). Some of you had a hand in talking these folks into taking their time to listen and learn to hopefully see how they might better serve, PLEASE continue To mentor. Our new Lodge year is starting (yeah we know) you’ve accomplished a lot in the 2015/2016 Lodge Year now I need to ask you “LETS DO IT AGAIN” each year we set our sights just a little higher but “dang” doesn’t it feel good when you make it. We have so much to be proud of when we hit St. Louis, and you know we are gonna make some noise. (bring your bells)

They want us to “RAISE THE ROOF”....(Florida)... “again” will show’em how it’s done. It takes a lot for the “BIG GREEN MACHINE” that we call the F.B.M.A. Not only to run, But to be successful, and that is accomplished by every member in every Lodge, Chapter, Moose Legion, the Districts, T.M.s, Committee Chairmen, and Officers at every level. You work hard for your own entities to be successful and that in turn makes the Fraternity successful, and the proof is in the “puddin” we/you will being going to St. Louis International Conference with our head held high. Once again Florida will show An increase in Membership, there are several people to personally thank, but the biggest thank you goes to you folks who work the programs every day. Wouldn’t be great

If just maybe perhaps we found ourselves as the #1 Association (like we should be) People will ask where you from “ I’m from Florida we're # 1 “ because Our members “Did Their Very Best In Every Situation”

Fred Van Nostrand
President, FBMA

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