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From the Territory Manager/FBMA Liaison
Jerry Monk Regional Manager

Moose Raise The Roof

We are down to the last 2 months of the Moose Year and it will soon be over. I truly hope that every Lodge, Chapter and Moose Legion is taking advantage of the Honoring Our Heroes Membership Campaign. This is a great opportunity for us to show the community what we do for our fellow citizens through our Heart Of The Community activities.

I am looking forward to the Mid Year in Orlando and I know we will have a good time and learn a great deal of information. Look for the agendas in this edition. I hope to see all there.

The International Convention is in our back yard this year and I certainly hope that all have made their plans to attend. The last time we were here we had 100% of our lodges represented so I expect it again. I did not get the information about the Chapters that were represented the last time but I am sure all of our chapters will be represented this time.

We have a ways to go to be “PLUS 1” on April 30, 2017 but I know that we can do it because we are “Second To None” and a “Cut Above The Rest.” We must take every opportunity to talk moose to everyone we meet and to work to retain the members we have.

On a personal note, Connie and I want to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers as well as the cards, phone calls and messages from you during our time of sorrow. Our daughter Barbara was a great person and will always be in our hearts.

Thank you for all you do and keep Mooseheart and Moosehaven in your prayers for their future service to humanity.


From the President
FBMA President

Hello Everyone,

It’s that time again for elections. All Loom, Chapters and Moose Legion should have already received names of qualified persons that are interested in being an officer. The Nominating Committees should be in place and dates should be set to hold these meetings.

The Nominating Committees should have three meetings and report their findings at the last regular meeting in March. The reports should be given at least two weeks before the election and the election should be held at the first general meeting in April.

Remember Leadership is every important to the Moose Fraternity, we need good people that are strong, have new ideas and a good understanding of Moose Fraternalism. All newly elected officers need to go through a Leadership Training Class for the Loom, WOTM Training Session and a MLEC for the Moose Legion.

Good luck to everyone and I hope we all have a very good year.

Billy Catlow
President, FBMA

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