From the Territory Manager/FBMA Liaison

Jerry Monk Regional Manager


Wow!! Here we are in January 2018 already, time sure flies when you’re having fun. I trust all had a great and safe holiday season and Santa brought you everything you asked for.

As we move forward through the last four months of the Moose year we must do all we can to ensure that each of our units has a gain in active members on April 30, 2018. We must be proactive in contacting members who are about to expire and encourage them to pay their dues. We must also be contacting those members who have already expired and do all we can to get them back on the rolls as dues paying members. Remember we all took an oath to strengthen our order, this not only means sponsoring new members but helping keep the ones we have. We all have that responsibility.

Something that we all must do a better job of is involving the community in events at the lodge. Every lodge should be planning and holding events involving the public for a local charity our charitable event to shoe that we are more than the corner bar. Many of our lodges do a great job throwing money at charities but little to involve them in the events to raise the funds. We do have several lodges that do a great job holding these type of events and I want thank and congratulate you for doing so. I would also suggest that during these events you include Moose Charities to help increase giving. Partner with a charity to do these events. These events will double your exposure by you and the other organization advertising. Plan one event at least each quarter. Events can be such things as a car show, battle of the bands, dinner dance or other types of events. Be creative and just do it. Public events will let the community know that you are more than the local watering hole behind closed doors. I can speak from personal experience that these events do help the lodge’s status in the community and will also help increase membership.

The registration and housing should be up and running on the Moose International web site by now for the convention in New Orleans. The preliminary schedule is posted and you will note that it is not being held over the 4th of July this time. Make you plans now to be there. I am sure it will be a great time and there will be some fun events.

Let’s finish the year strong with a gain in active members in the LOOM, WOTM and Moose Legion. I know we can do it because we are “Second To None” and “A Cut Above the Rest.”

Thanks for all you do and God Bless Mooseheart and Moosehaven.


From the President

FBMA President

Fall 2017: I am so proud to be a part of the greatest Association in all of the Loyal Order of Moose. Our brothers and sisters came together to help each other and our communities survive Hurricane Irma. Some are still in recovery mode as we speak. Amazing stories coming to me as lodges opened their doors for members and some for even the public, to shelter from the storm. A few years ago, the Florida Bermuda Moose Association started an Emergency Relief Fund. Each year we asked for donations to the fund. Well this year we are dispersing money to assist lodges with insurance deductibles and rebuilding projects; this will allow lodges to recover faster than they would be able to without help. Donations have been coming in from all over our great fraternity, including lodges, Chapters, and Moose Legions here in Florida. I am ever so grateful for their generosity.

As we look forward to our Holiday months, I must thank one of my mentors, and a great leader of our Association, Fred Van Nostrand. Serving as an appointed officer for six years, then on the FBMA Executive Board for an additional five years. Thank you for your leadership and counsel these many years.

November ushers in the Retention Week Activities, I look forward to hearing the success stories in the coming months as each lodge celebrates its Valued Veterans. Retention truly does start on day one. When we accept an application we offer a promise to our new member. Every day we should be working to fulfill that promise. Harmonize with our Women of the Moose partners, Diversify our activities to include everyone, and Multiply… grow our membership.

I will leave you with some shout outs… First, I must recognize the Florida Sheriff’s Youth Ranches who just Celebrated 60 Years of Service to our Florida kids. I attended a banquet at the Boys Ranch in Live Oak. What a great organization we have partnered with. I remarked at dinner how much this place resembles Mooseheart. If you have never seen one of their facilities, making a day trip is well worth the effort, Thanks Frank Kenny for inviting Christine and me. Second, I want to shout out to the Panama City Moose Lodge and Chapter. As Hurricane Nate was heading towards the Panhandle, they were hosting a District Meeting and Moose Legion Celebration, which we were able to attend. They have shown a growth in Active Membership over 25% since May 1. I learned they are promoting being a Moose Lodge, fraternal fundraiser for Mooseheart and Moosehaven and they are getting very active with events and community service. They have revived the kids room and have a special bounce in the activities they are providing for their members. They are living it… Harmonize, Diversify, and Multiply. Keep up the good work, your success will continue, and you will shine as an example to others.

Fraternally Yours, W. Scott Duncan, 2017-18 FBMA President

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