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Our fraternal organization provides valuable service to our communities, care for children and teens in need at Mooseheart Child City & School , a 1,000-acre campus, located 40 miles west of Chicago and care for our senior members at Moosehaven, a 70-acre retirement community near Jacksonville, Florida. With a combined membership of over one million members in the Loyal Order of Moose and Women of the Moose, our presence is felt in over 1,500 communities across all 50 states and four Canadian provinces, plus Great Britain. The Moose organization contributes between $75 to $100 million worth of community service (counting monetary donations, volunteer hours worked and miles driven) annually. Moose Charities Inc., is a registered nonprofit,  charity, charged with the primary goal of providing the necessary resources for the continued support and maintenance of the Mooseheart Child City & School and the Moosehaven retirement community.

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      September 2021 

Here we are less than two months till the close of our FMA Moose Year, how fast times flies when we are having fun. Yes, we are nearing the start of the 2021/2022 FMA Moose year; with it comes the elections of new officers and appointment of Chairpersons. I would ask you now to review Moose International General Laws and FMA Policies on who will be allowed to vote. Only the delegates as outlined will be allowed. As we move forward, you will see realignment of chairpersons, eliminating some and creating new chairpersons to bring about compliance with Moose International guidelines and to better promote the Florida Moose Association and our caring for Children and Seniors. Yes, people and positions are moving, and some will remain the same. The Executive Committee of the FMA are looking how to better build and retain membership, while better supporting our mission of caring for young and old. September 16 – 19 will be our FMA State Convention in Orlando. This will be the first time with the total agenda as ONE! A lot of important information will be provided for all, our OV will be Brother Terry Walls PSG

The Convention will be open to all registered members and, with that said, we ask everyone in attendance to follow any safety guidelines the Rosen Plaza may have in place. If we have members using masks, let’s all respect them and maintain our distance. Some of our members have health concerns and we must respect them. If we all do our part, we can make the Convention safer for all. Covid is still with us. Look forward to seeing you at the FMA Convention,. Till then, stay safe and God Bless.

Buddy Dugger

FMA President   

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Larry Cundiff Regional Manager August, 2021

Retention continues to be a source of trouble in the lodges.
Please look over your arrears lists and be sure that the ladies know they need to pay lodge dues
as well. I was doing retention calls one day and had a very nice lady tell me she had paid her
dues and asked me why she had not received a card. She told me she had the cancelled check in
front of her. I asked if she had maybe paid her Chapter dues but not her lodge dues. She again
responded by telling me she had paid her dues. I asked the amount of the cancelled check. When
she told me the amount, it was obvious she had paid the Chapter dues and not the lodge dues. I
tried my best to explain, but she was very adamant she had paid her dues and wanted her card.
One lodge had an older couple come into the lodge to ask why he had gotten his card but she had
not. It was again because she had not paid the lodge dues. This was an older couple that had no
idea about the Moose being all one now and, after it was explained, they willingly paid her dues.
We need to realize that not every Moos member is as attuned as perhaps you and I are. They may
simply come in once in a while for dinner and dancing. They might have even been in the lodge
since the original COVID lock down.
How bad would we feel if someone came in years from now trying to renew because their
Chapter card had now expired as well. We would have to explain to them that they are no longer
a member. They had been dropped as a Moose member years before. They no longer had all
those years of service and maybe they can’t go to Moosehaven as they planned.
It is truly up to us to make sure that long standing members are not dropped or expire simply
because they had no idea they needed to pay lodge dues. Let’s be the good fraternal family I
know you are and make sure we don’t let this happen.

Roy Rawlings, FMA Liaison

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