From the Territory Manager/FBMA Liaison

Jerry Monk Regional Manager

It’s Been A Great Ride

When I came to Florida in July 2010 and became the Regional Manager I was excited and nervous taking on such a challenge. I had come from two small Associations and we had been somewhat successful there but wasn’t sure if we could do so here. But with your help we together had success. The first four years we gained over 4000 members. We had a small hiccup in the fifth year when we changed to the Territory Manger system we are under now. But thanks to you and your hard work we have had gains every year since.

After 8 great years I felt it was time to make a change I was given the opportunity to go back to work with two of the small Associations I had before, Alabama and Georgia. Also added to the mix is the Mississippi Association. It is like going back home in a way. I am once again looking forward to the challenge, and once again I am excited and nervous just like when I came to Florida.

I want to thank each and every one who has helped me along the way for the last eight years. This is my last article as Liaison for the Association. Larry Cundiff will be taking the helm at this convention and I am sure you will give him the same support you gave me. Larry is a true Moose and I wish him well and will assist him in any way I can through the transition.

This is not a farewell since I will still be residing in Florida and will attend the conventions and conferences as time allows.

Once again Connie and I both want to thank you for the great ride it has been. God Bless Mooseheart, Moosehaven and most of all God bless you all.


From the President

FBMA President
Moose on a Mission… 

What does that means to me? I have always been and will continue to be a salesman. Mostly to the benefit of others. When I became a Moose Member back in 2004, the first mission I can remember is the fundraising efforts of the Men and the Women to raise the funds to buy a K-9 Vest for a Palm Bay Police Officer Dog. I went to meetings to hear offi-cers arguing over issues, live debates with no common ground. Then Brother Dan Buckley would report on his special commit-tee. All ears would listen, people in the social quarters would quiet down to hear, he would report on the progress of the fundraising, where the money was coming in from, and the events around the presentation. The entire lodge was tuned into this one Mission. And with that, common goals made the individuals stronger as a team instead of butting heads and getting no where. This Dog Vest was a beginning for me as the very next year I would be Community Service Chairman, and join the Board of Officers half way through the year as a Trustee.

At that time, the conflicts made it impossible to keep our lodge open, and we were without a home. Only after we made clear goals and plans to achieve them did we begin to make progress. We moved into our new surroundings in the Summer of 2006, and while we don't agree on everything, we have continued to set goals and achieve them, by working together. Here it is the Summer of 2018 and our lodge is poised to move once again, and this time we will own the building. Something we have never done in the 31 years of the Palm Bay Moose. And believe me when I say, we never could have done what we have ac-complished without the help and dedication of the Women of the Moose Chapter and their willingness to support our efforts.

So what does that have to do with being a salesman? Well, I did not promote me.. I promoted the efforts of our Lodge and Chapter. While I was Chairman of the Community Service Committee in 2005, our volunteers, 21 of them, went to a church and painted the kids activity rooms. The church had the paint provided, they just needed some elbow grease. And our Lodge and Chapter members came through. As we worked together, we became friends, set bigger goals and as we got better so did our membership numbers. We did not talk about Community Service, we talked about what we were doing in our Community. Our goal was to increase our membership through Community Service, and we worked our way together. We all had a com-mon Mission!


So fast forward to today… I am the President of the Florida Bermuda Moose Association, our Mission is to promote the Fra-ternal Efforts of Moose International through the Lodges of our Association. Right now our current goal is to complete our commitment to the Moosehaven Centennial Project. We asked each lodge to contribute $2 for each member for three years, this is the last year. We are very close to completing this goal. And if each Lodge contributes we will make our goal. As an ex-ample, we also have a project involving a Bus at Moosehaven, As of last report we have made our goal and the has been com-pleted. Our next Mission will be to Remodel the Florida Transitional Building at Mooseheart.

As a way to promote your members efforts and your involvement in the Community, the Moose International Membership Department will hold a Membership Workshop at Fort Walton Beach, Florida Lodge 964, on October 20. Come to learn how you can to increase membership and work together toward a common Mission! For you Lodges and Chapters Sake, Participate as a team, in the International OPEN HOUSE, on October 27, Founder’s Day. This will be your opportunity to sell the Moose, and educate our Communities who we are and what we do. Remember its not what we are doing that is so great, its what we are capable of, this gives us hope to continued growth. Make building our membership your Mission, too.

As this year comes to a close, I will become a Past President very soon. I look to those who have guided me and mentored me along the way. In the beginning it was John Unru and Lee Singleton, as I grew into different responsibilities, Scott Cushing, Rodney Hammond and every FBMA President for the last few years David, Richard, Lynn, Bill, Fred, and of course Bill “The Cat” Catlow. To the above mentioned, Committee Chairmen and District Presidents, Thank You! for making us look so good. I look forward to seeing what we will accomplish next. Because we are “Moose On a Mission!” (hint: 75,000)

Fraternally Yours, W. Scott Duncan, 2017-18 FBMA President

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